West Coast Swing /AGOGE/ Classes Kick off with Level 1 – Westie Warrior Training

Kicking off tonight, replacing our choreo session at 6.30pm on Thursdays

Following the success of our separate Tango /PLAY/ and /AGOGE/ programmes, we are now introducing our West Coast Swing /AGOGE/ programmes.

West Coast Swing /PLAY/

We understand that not everybody is ready for the /AGOGE/. Our /PLAY/ Classes are for those who are starting out and just want to enjoy the social aspect of the dance. Learning new patterns and coming to terms with this new language of dance. in these classes you’ll be challenged with new fun concepts regularly un until level 3. Level 4 /PLAY/ is invitational and strictly open to those who have completed all previous /PLAY/ levels as well as having gained enough technique from the /AGOGE/ levels to be proficient.

West Coast Swing /AGOGE/

For the warriors of West Coast Swing. a through undersanding and discipline at each level is required before progressing. This is where the harder concepts of the dance are discussed and trained.

A full description the first level of the AGOGE can be found below.

West Coast Swing /AGOGE/ – Level 1

Cost : either $135 for a full 6 week term (or part thereof), or become and member for only $33 per week and do all WCS classes.

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